Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policy

DJ Developments Ltd is committed to achieving high standards of health and safety both for those within the organisation and for those affected by our work such as contractors, visitors, clients and members of the public. To achieve this we will integrate the management of health and safety throughout the organisation and set annual safety management objectives. To ensure our commitment to health and safety management, the delivery and review of our high level objectives are implemented.


DJ Developments Ltd is well aware of its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act and related legislation and is fully committed to meeting those obligations. The successful management of health and safety is a key management objective alongside all other business goals. 


We are committed to the constant development and implementation of an effective safety management system and risk minimisation procedures. In particular we believe that risk assessment and control are vital components of a professional management strategy, leading to a safe and healthy workforce with improved working conditions, equipment and systems of work providing increased efficiency and long term cost savings. Using legal requirements as our minimum standard, we will strive to achieve best practice through continuous improvement. 


We look to the support and professionalism of our employees at all levels in making this policy truly effective, not only through effective communication of this policy but also consulting employees on key safety measures. This Policy will be distributed to all staff and will be reviewed and kept up-to-date by the Director in charge of health and safety, to take into account changes in legislation, reflect changes in the nature and range of activities carried out by the Company.